Sunday, February 10, 2013

(s)mock maternity clothes

here is the deal. maternity clothes suck.
they are billowy in all the wrong places and brightly colored, and don't look like my style, whatsoever. oh, not to mention they are ridiculously expensive.
a pair of dark wash, skinny jeans, $210. WHAT??? for a pair of jeans i can only wear while creating a human being? (or like joey and pull them out for thanksgiving) and lets be real for a moment, if this pregnancy had taught me anything, well, it's taught me that it may be my first, and LAST. phew. this creating a human being business is not for the weak of heart.
so why would i buy a pair of $200 jeans for this???

then an email from asos saved my day.
smock dresses. the latest rage for spring and summer. the cut ends right below the chest and billows out, a pregnant woman's DREAM dress. so naturally, i bought two.

Image 1 of ASOS Smock Dress With Embroidered Spot In Chambrey

Image 1 of ASOS Sleeveless Smock Dress

i try not to buy anything that can only be worn a certain way. these dresses are so vesatile, no matter the season. boots and tights in the winter/fall, and by themselves in the spring and summer.
i  REFUSE to buy an expensive maternity outift. but i will buy an affordable dress that can be worn during pregnancy and after. duh. why sacrifice style and feeling good about yourself during a season where you simply want to punch everyone in the face who asks you how you are feeling? just kidding.....

if i could sew. i would make clothes that can be worn during pregnancy, but not specific to pregnancy. i would call it, "maternity shmaternity"....(that can be a work in progress..remember, i can't even sew yet)

can't wait to get them in! oh and you will see belly pics soon, promise!

Be you, bisous!

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