Thursday, January 3, 2013


so, remember that time i started a blog. and then shortly afterward i got pregnant, and then cared 0% about how i looked or what i was wearing for about 2 months because i was too busy vomiting tossing cookies?

well..that happened.

i am just going to pick up where i left off..

something very exciting happened thanksgiving weekend in a small town called McKinney. i went to visit a dear friend and ran into...

yep. that's Kendi from kendieveryday
i have been a fan for awhile, and found out her store was located in a very small suburb of Dallas. I went in definitely not expected to see her, but wanting to see her store and THERE SHE WAS.

now, i'm not one to normally blush and get weird around celebs. but i was a super freak when i saw her. i literally had to pep talk myself into walking over. she was kind, hilarious, and so gracious..of course. turns out she was scoping me out too because she wanted my hair color. it's the exact color she has been are welcome :)

it was awesome to chat with her and hear her thoughts on fashion blogging. i of course blabbed to her i was pregnant, because only strangers could know at that point (i was like 4 weeks). she encouraged me to do maternity fashion, which i had definitely wanted to do. so, guess what are about to get bombarded with belly way cute outfits. duh.

they will be posted within the next week, so STAY TUNED!

Be you, Bisous!

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