Thursday, October 17, 2013

leetle bebe

baby viva has some pretty stellar hair

exhibit a:

so cuddly, this one is.

i've been searching for some awesome headbands and turbans for this little chickadee and they are hard to find! ok, i take that back... they are hard to find in neutral colors. but i came across this site, VonBon, which has awesome little head wraps for my lil bit.

check out the ones i purchased:

are you dying from love right now?? i know i am! cannot wait for them to arrive :)

also, baby scarves??? WHA?!!! check them out here


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

it's Fall or nothing

i am a sucker for anything fall related. #obsessed.

the fashion is the most fun, my wedding was in the fall, pumpkin is my favorite flavor, and the site of changing leaves literally gives me goosebumps is the BEST season!

NY fashion week is currently in session..which has been full of 90's inspired clothing (side note:  i'm really praying floral rompers with puffed sleeves do not make a comeback).  Currently popular on the runway; denim. We saw a lot of chambray shirts this passed year, but now it's all kinds of fun pieces in denim. Other popular looks include florals and pastels for fall and winter; edgy punk inspired clothing, masculine cuts and classic prints, such as houndstooth.  and one of my favorites is a throwback to the 50's era with high waisted midi skirts.

here are my fall must haves:
Image 1 of ASOS Midweight Denim Overalls Dress in Acid Wash

 overalls. are. back. (but lets keep it classy, friends). i just ordered this acid wash jumper---yes, acid wash--and i cannot wait to pair it with tights and booties.


 This studded jacket from H&M. I love how it is feminine yet the studs give it an edgy flair. Statement jackets are such a wardrobe must have because of how easy they complete any outfit. You can wear it over a dress or just throw it over a t shirt and jeans. easy is my fave.


Ok, i am aware that not everyone can pull off high rise pants. But for long torso'd gals like myself, hi rise are your best friend. they are incredibly curve flattering, you don't have to deal with the awkward, "let me hold the back of my pants as i bend over to pick this up", and you don't have to worry about shirts hitting at an awkward length. i am a fan.
  booties booties booties, rocking everywhere! love booties. they are so easy. i am eyeing this black ones from Nine West because they are classic. not too high of a heel (which is best when carrying my little bebe), and leather cleans off well.

there are SOOO many more items i HAVE to have immediately. but these are a good start to my fall, if only the weather would cool off!


Monday, September 9, 2013

ho! hey!

remember me? well here is a little update on what has been going on:

I got pregnant:
Photo c/o Nina Mullins Photography  

 Decorated a nursery, with the help of the uber talented Hannah, from Hannah Maple Studio:

Photo c/o  Cara Dee Photography

Photo c/o Cara Dee Photography

Photo c/o Cara Dee Photography  

 and then, on July 24th at 12pm, I went into labor....31 hours later...she finally came:

 and now have the most beautiful baby girl, Genevieve but we call her Viva:
Photo c/o Cara Dee Photography

Photo c/o Cara Dee Photography  

 and now i have forced all my friends to see a picture of her daily via social media:

Do you blame me?

a lot happened in between all these events, but I figured this was good enough!


Thursday, April 4, 2013


i have been on quite the buying/hunting spree lately. coveting all sorts of wonderful things!

here is what i'm currently waiting on from mr postman or have done the hard thing and walked into the store to purchase (#firstworldproblems)

bb cream by too faced-freaking obsessed

fox ring from etsy #duh

faux leather leggings that are..wait for it...M A T E R N I T Y        

Monday, April 1, 2013

a spring in my step

maybe i should rename my blog, "the surprising and random blog posts of mrs. fox"? that would definitely be an accurate portrayal...

i just got back from a whirlwind trip to NYC. it was AWESOME. good food, great, friends, and a glamorous city to be inspired by.

but when i came home and started to do laundry..i noticed something..since i became pregnant..1. i wear jeans all the time (which is simply ludicrous if you know my style habits) and 2. that i have been wearing a whole lotta black.they say black is slimming, but i'm pretty sure it can't hind my big ol' baby bump..(getting larger errday folks).

trying on clothes in urban. bought this lil that it ISN'T maternity :)

so, my immediate thought was, how do i end this weird fashion slump i'm in..and in for at least 4 more mths?

cobalt blue shoes.

i know, the answer was just there! everyone knows that it is the fix to any fashion slump! when winter turns to spring, everyone is looking for bright colors to punch up an outfit. but if i have to stick to my jeans, and black t's (don't doubt that there isn't some sort of funky jacket involved), i can punch up my feet!

i am a cheapster, for sho, so these are the ones i've ordered to try out. if they aren't comfortable, i found these Nine Wests that may do as well:
I liked the Aldo ones better because they had better reviews and the color was brighter. can't wait to get my hands on them..or my feet.

what is your fashion slump quick fix?

Sunday, February 10, 2013

(s)mock maternity clothes

here is the deal. maternity clothes suck.
they are billowy in all the wrong places and brightly colored, and don't look like my style, whatsoever. oh, not to mention they are ridiculously expensive.
a pair of dark wash, skinny jeans, $210. WHAT??? for a pair of jeans i can only wear while creating a human being? (or like joey and pull them out for thanksgiving) and lets be real for a moment, if this pregnancy had taught me anything, well, it's taught me that it may be my first, and LAST. phew. this creating a human being business is not for the weak of heart.
so why would i buy a pair of $200 jeans for this???

then an email from asos saved my day.
smock dresses. the latest rage for spring and summer. the cut ends right below the chest and billows out, a pregnant woman's DREAM dress. so naturally, i bought two.

Image 1 of ASOS Smock Dress With Embroidered Spot In Chambrey

Image 1 of ASOS Sleeveless Smock Dress

i try not to buy anything that can only be worn a certain way. these dresses are so vesatile, no matter the season. boots and tights in the winter/fall, and by themselves in the spring and summer.
i  REFUSE to buy an expensive maternity outift. but i will buy an affordable dress that can be worn during pregnancy and after. duh. why sacrifice style and feeling good about yourself during a season where you simply want to punch everyone in the face who asks you how you are feeling? just kidding.....

if i could sew. i would make clothes that can be worn during pregnancy, but not specific to pregnancy. i would call it, "maternity shmaternity"....(that can be a work in progress..remember, i can't even sew yet)

can't wait to get them in! oh and you will see belly pics soon, promise!

Be you, bisous!

Thursday, January 3, 2013


so, remember that time i started a blog. and then shortly afterward i got pregnant, and then cared 0% about how i looked or what i was wearing for about 2 months because i was too busy vomiting tossing cookies?

well..that happened.

i am just going to pick up where i left off..

something very exciting happened thanksgiving weekend in a small town called McKinney. i went to visit a dear friend and ran into...

yep. that's Kendi from kendieveryday
i have been a fan for awhile, and found out her store was located in a very small suburb of Dallas. I went in definitely not expected to see her, but wanting to see her store and THERE SHE WAS.

now, i'm not one to normally blush and get weird around celebs. but i was a super freak when i saw her. i literally had to pep talk myself into walking over. she was kind, hilarious, and so gracious..of course. turns out she was scoping me out too because she wanted my hair color. it's the exact color she has been are welcome :)

it was awesome to chat with her and hear her thoughts on fashion blogging. i of course blabbed to her i was pregnant, because only strangers could know at that point (i was like 4 weeks). she encouraged me to do maternity fashion, which i had definitely wanted to do. so, guess what are about to get bombarded with belly way cute outfits. duh.

they will be posted within the next week, so STAY TUNED!

Be you, Bisous!